The system can't recognize the height-RGB file

I need to create my own height-RGB data.And upload to System. and You offered a suggestion to Download a Original Document(Abes Beard.sur,
And the follow his format to create height-RGB data, I had SUCCESS to Create My Own height-RGB data, and the system Accepted it.,
but rescently the System can’t recognize my height-RGB data.

And I try to follow you suggestion to Download the Original Document of Abes Beard.sur again , and then upload this Original Document to the system, It gave me the same information “Unsupported file format” as my onw height-RGB data.

Is there something changed with this?

We apologize for the trouble. The site update that we released the week of October 20 has a bug that prevents it from reading sur files that contain an RGB data layer. We’re working on a fix that should be released in the next few days.

The problem has been fixed. See the posts in How Can I Upload 3D Model With Color.