How can i upload 3d model with color

I have some 3d data, each point with xyz position and rgb color,

x y z r g b
1.001 1.0024 0.005 0 128 255

What format does the data need to be into load? Thanks,

Here is a list of supported file types:

I have read the list of supported file types;
but my data is not from the standard file types, I want to uploard my RGB-D data to ProfileOnline.
I successfully wrote the data in Digital Surf Surface (.sur) file format, but sometimes this file format could not be recognized properly, and it could only be xyz 3d data, unable to display color images. And Filmetrics Text (.txt) seems to support only the THREE-DIMENSIONAL contours of XYZ too.

I want an example of a format that allows me to upload xyz data and rgb color data to ProfileOnline display.

We are modifying our text file format so that it can accommodate rgb color information. However, the update will not appear on ProfilmOnline until September or October. Until then, you can use the .sur format.

To see an example of a properly formatted .sur file that includes color:

  1. View a color savable image from our public gallery, such as Protective Coating on Stainless Steel.
  2. Save this image in your My Images gallery (click Save As in the File ribbon).
  3. Download the image as a .sur file (click Download in the File ribbon and select File Format: .sur.

There is currently an issue with saving images with color as sur files so if you download the image randrew provided, the resulting sur file will be missing the color RGB data. However, here is a link to a sur file in the proper format that can be uploaded and the color image viewed on profilm online:

To get the file in the correct format, download and select the Original Image. You can then use the format of this file as an example in trying to write your own height-RGB Color data in sur format.

As randrew mentioned, we will extend the text file format to permit inclusion of RGB color data and we will correct the issue with saving RGB color data in sur format.

I have succeeded in writing My own height-RGB Color data in sur format.!

I have a question here.I follow Your steps download the “Abes Beard” file,and use the format of this file as an example to write My own height-RGB Color data in sur format, and success to build my own height-RGB Color data.
But Now What I builded height-RGB Color data can’t be recognize from the system, System tell “Unsupported file format”.
So I Download “Abes Beard” Origin file , and then Uploaded this file to system, but get the same information, “Unsupported file format”.

Is there something wrong with this?

We’re working on a fix for the problem.

Hello hexiaoyun,

As Randy mentioned, there was a new bug introduced in the most recent version, but this has now been fixed and you should be able to upload your files without issues.

As a bonus, you can also prepare your data in text file format. To see an example of the format, you can look at the file:

You can download this file in “original format” and then look at it in the text editor of your choice. The order is first the height data, then the color image data.