3D graph manipulation

I can control the colour scale but not the absolute z-scale on 3d graphs, it is always determined by PV. This would control would add valuable to side-by-side comparisons.


We have a planned feature in our roadmap that should satisfy your needs. The feature will cause the z scale on the 3D image to be controlled by the Color Scale Settings Manual Range Min and Max values. We expect to release this change by the end of 2018.

I had the same need. Thank you for working to address this issue!

We’ve released an update that includes the feature I mentioned last month. If you go to the Settings ribbon, click Color Scale, click the Manual range checkbox, and enter a value in the Max field that is greater than the largest height value in your image, you will now see that the 3D view of your image is compressed along the Z (height/depth) axis. If you set a value less than the largest height value in your image in the Max field, the coloring of the image will change, but the 3D image will fill the 3D View grid box.

Thanks Randy.
This is a great help for apples to apples comparisons.