Upgrading from Free to Advanced plan

I would like to upgrade my account, but cannot find the option to do so.

Thanks for using ProfilmOnline. The site is presently operating in a free trial period for all users. During this period, although everyone is enrolled in the Free plan, everyone has access to all the features of the Advanced plan. Before the free trial period ends, you will be given the opportunity to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

Thanks for your reply Randy.

The reason that I thought I needed to upgrade was as follows.

I am currently having measurements made for me by an external company.

They are uploading the files to a shared folder.

I am able to manipulate these images, but when I go to to Settings/Image Properties/Operation History I am not able to undo the operations - there is no red cross to the left of each operation.

If the solution to this problem isn’t an upgrade, can you please advise how else I might solve it?


You are only able to undo operations for images that are your own. This includes images someone else has sent you which are saved to your own folders. Please ask the external company to make the results “savable” for you in the share options. Then you will be able to save them to your own folder and perform and undo any analysis you need.

Thanks, that should solve my problem.