Surface Roughness Measurements

I have uploaded a series of confocal microscope acquired images and I want to calculate the surface roughness. I am not able to do that. Even there are no analysis parameters available for my images. Why is that? The file type is .tif

Dear Sir,

Thank you for sharing your question with us. The .tif file structure does not contain height information: TIFF - Wikipedia. Our online tool supports the 2D view of these images, but will not produce valid data on surface roughness analysis. Do you have other datatypes at hand from your confocal microscope that can be used?

Kind regards,
Rayner Schelwald

I have a stack of images from confocal microscope. How to make a 3D image that can be used inProfilmOnline for roughness calculation??

Dear Rizwan,

We are currently looking deeper into your requests, and are investigating your upload attempts. Thank you for your patience. I hope to have an answer soon!

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Dear Mr. Rizwan,

We currently support Park Systems TIFF files. We can look into supporting TIFF format of your confocal microscope. Would it be OK for you to share some sample files with me so I can study the format?

Jas Gill