STEM Activity for Kids using ProfilmOnline

To celebrate National Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Day, ProfilmOnline presents a fun no-prep, candy-themed activity that parents, kids, and anyone else is sure to savor. Analyze 3D surface profiles of popular candy (and some of their wrappers)! You and the kids can understand how the 3D shape, texture and defectivity of candy is important to achieve candy enjoyment.

We make it easy for you – after playing around with the 3D surfaces, download “A Scientist’s Guide to Candy Selection” from the KLA Instruments Technical Literature page to learn more about the science behind this fun material science activity.

Visit to view the 3D candy and wrapper measurements.

Or, the candy images can be accessed in the ProfilmOnline public gallery at:

The candy wrappers can be accessed in the ProfilmOnline public gallery at:

After clicking on one of the images, use the Settings features to adjust the view:


Use the Operators features to adjust the data:

and/or use the Analysis features to take actual measurements – explore as long as you like!