"Something Went Wrong" Error


After uploading 5 images I receive a “Something went wrong error” when I try to upload more. Does anyone know why that is? It only happens when I upload after five images. I’ve also verified that I can upload the files if I don’t already have five.

(And, I also verified I’m nowhere near my storage quota)


Evan M.

Hi Evan,

I relayed your problems to the software team last week and we have been trying to reproduce this error. Unfortunately, we have not been successful. I have a few questions and suggestions here in a list:

  1. try installing the newest version of the software if you have not and see if that will help.
  2. Try alternate ways of uploading the file to ProfilmOnline. For instance, you can try clicking the ‘Upload to ProfilmOnline’ button in the software.
  3. You also may want to submit a software support request through the Profilm software. This will give us more visibility to any errors that the software is generating.

Can you also share the file that is not uploading? It is possible there is something wrong with that individual file.