Save default areal parameters

I’m most familiar with the B46.1 standard for roughness parameters and almost always just want to see Sa and Sq displayed in this format. After rendering an image, I click the “areal parameters” button. All of the areal parameters from all of the standards are displayed. I then have to click the “settings” button and uncheck all of the parameters that are not interesting to me. My question is: Is there a way to set a default set of areal parameters that I’d like to show every time. It seems that a “set as default” button on the areal parameters panel would be helpful.

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The feature you’re interested in is planned for an up-coming release. The capability of defining a set of areal parameters that you’re interested in will be included in the Analysis Recipes feature. You can subscribe to be notified when new features release using the Edit your feature notifications page in your Account.