Roughness Parameters

With ProfilmOnline, one is readily able to measure roughness as per the following roughness standards:

Areal (3D) Parameters:

  • ASME B46.1 3D
  • EUR 15178N Amplitude
  • ISO 25178 Height

Profile (2D) Parameters:

  • ASME B46.1 2D
  • ISO 4287 Amplitude

Addtionally, under areal parameters, the average, minimum, and maximum point heights are displayed under the “General” tab. The range between the highest and lowest point heights are also displayed for the selected area for the roughness measurements.

The areal roughness parameters found in the measurements have the following abbreviations:

Sp - Maximum peak height
Sv - Maximum pit height
Sz - Maximum height
Sa - Arithmetic mean height
Sq - Root mean square height
Ssk - Skewness
Sku - Kurtosis

Similar definitions exist for the 2D profile parameters where “S” is replaced with “R”, e.g. “Ra”.

Further information about roughness measurements may be found here:
3D Optical Profilometer for Measuring Surface Roughness