Restore Original Image


I uploaded an image and made some changes that I want to reverse. How can I restore the original image?



In order to restore the original image, you'll need to re-upload the file. If you don't have the original file saved on your computer already, you can download the image from ProfilmOnline, then re-upload it.


If you want to restore the original iamge, just re-upload the original file to ProfilmOnline.


There is now a quicker way to restore the original image, as follows:
1. Click the checkbox to select an image in your gallery, then click the copy button, as shown in the image below.

2. Click the Copy from original file checkbox, as shown below, and then click COPY.


There is a new way to walk back changes you may have made to a scan.
Suppose you applied a form removal, and you want to revert back to the original.
Click the button called 'Image Properties'

This opens up a panel below the 3D View with a list of all the operations applied. Clikc the 'x' to undo an operation:

This will revert back to the way the image looked before form removal was applied!


How can I undo a operations (like filter, etc)?