Parameter optimisation



I am new to the utilisation of the profilm3d and I have some questions as I am trying to analyse the flatness of a lens the size of a 1 euro coin.

  • How do the scan length and back scan influence my analysis?

  • Even though I find the fringes I may have more than 80% of invalid on my image, how can I resolve that?

  • Where is the stitch function? Can I program it or do I need to manually analyse areas and then stitch them together?

  • Is there a manual available? I tried to find it online but was unsuccessful.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,



Hi Matthieu,

Please see below my comments to your questions. For any additional assistance I recommend contacting your Filmetrics representative.

I hope this helps!



Hello Menno,

It did, thank you very much!



Hello again,

With your help I was able to get a good image of my lens, thank you again for that. However, it takes over 200 scans and the file is over 250 mb with the 10X objective (zoom x1). Is there anyway to make the file lighter or easier to manipulate? On the main computer the profilm software freezes half of the time and when I try online it just keeps reloading the page.




Glad to hear you are able to get a good image of your lens! These files can get quite large - can you provide us with your computer specifications? You may need a more powerful computer to handle this large amount of data.


Hello randrew,

The computer has a core I7 7700K, 32gb of ram and a Nvidia 1080 GTX.