Measuring Rough Surfaces

I can get good meausurements from a machined Surface, but e.g. when I try to scan a coin, only features with a depth of 16 um are measured (with 10X objective). I see there are nice examples of a Euro cent. I wonder what type of settings one should use to get such mesaurements.

Hi Mahdi,

Thanks for your post.

The scan that you see on the ProfilmOnline homepage was stitched together using a 10x objective with a digital zoom of 1x. The scan length was 280 µm with a backscan of 30 µm and used the envelope center analysis mode with an envelope threshold of 1,25%. This was done with the fast scan speed and covered an area of 23,5 x 23,5 mm.

I’ll get in contact with you via email in order to optimize your scan settings with the 10x objective.


I’m also scaning a coin and facing the same problem Mahdi has, thanks to you, your tip comes in handy for my scan, however there is still a problem.
When I scan the surface pattern with the setting you gave, it gives out a clear image, but when I try to scan the edge of the coin it just doesn’t work. Is there a way to scan steep edge like this?

What magnification objective are you using?
To get steep edge scan improved, You can try GLI imaging mode, higher digital zoom, higher magnification objective.

Feel Free to DM me with more details.