Import of x y z .dat file


I’m trying to import a three column .dat file containing x,y and height information (z) that was exported from a Leica Optical Profilometer.
The file format uses dot.
I’ve tried to replace them also to commas but the upload of the file always says “Unsupported file format”.
How should I manually change the .dat file to be able to visualize it correctly into ProfilmOnline?
Alternatively, do you suggest any software for the conversion to a compatible format? (I also have the Leica .plu files but it’s still not supported)

Thank you very much

If you read the file in a text editor, what does it look like? Can you post a sample?

For text editors, I would either try Notepad or Notepad++.

The text file format supported by ProfilmOnline is tab-delimited. See this Forum post for details and advice.