How to level in a step height measurement?



I want to do some step height measurements on my data but I'm not sure how to use the features. I understand I have to select a profile along the horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction. But I'm not sure how to use the levelling function - how do I do that? What do the regions L1 and L2 mean?

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Hi Bernhard,

The surface may be leveled during the step height measurement procedure by dragging regions L1 and L2 along the line profile in order to select two reference points for leveling. The average height of each region is then used to tilt the surface such that the average of these two regions have the same height. The width of the region may be adjusted such that this average is taken over a larger or smaller region.

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Thanks, Goran.

So with the width of L1 and L2 is the area that is used to calculate the average height at that point?


Yep, that is correct!