Cannot upload images!

Hi there,

I tried to upload images and everytime it’s not possible with this reply message:
Unable to upload image(s). This image type: ‘…’ is not supported.
I tried different type of images, like jpg, btm, png, tiff, pdf.

Can anybody tell me why it does not work?

File types with jpg, png, tiff, etc… contain 2D image data. Right now ProfilmOnline only supports 3D surface data. These files are typically in the following format:

  • Filmetrics (.fibpc, .fibps)
  • IgorPro (.ibw)
  • SpipAscii (.asc)
  • Surface (.sur)
  • WITec ASCII export (.dat)
  • WykoVeeco (.opd)

You can see a complete list of image file formats that are supported by clicking Supported file formats and browsers.


Can anybody recommend SW tools to convert a generic stack of 2D images (jpg, bmp, png, etc) or other point cloud or stl-like files into these 3D surface formats that are currently supported by Profilmonline? Thanks!

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You can convert a stack of images into a 3D data set using 3D Slicer. Unfortunately, such a data set is not suitable for use with ProfilmOnline because each x-y location has multiple z (height) values. ProfilmOnline is designed for visualizing and analyzing data that can be represented as a function of x and y (single value for each x-y location).

For displaying 3D models, such as would be generated using a stack of 2D image slices, we recommend Sketchfab.

I can’t see how Sketchfab would help convert .stl files into a compatible format.

How can one convert surface meshes into a compatible format?

In general, ProfilmOnline is not suitable for displaying and analyzing the type of 3D models that are described by .stl files - that’s why we recommend Sketchfab for that purpose. ProfilmOnline is designed for images representing what you see when you look at the surface of an object. If you can represent your data as a regular grid of height values that are evenly spaced in both x and y directions, then you can upload it. See this post for details.