Can "Flat Shading" be combined with other lighting effects?

In the “display settings” section of the tool bar at the top of ProfilmOnline, there is a feature called “Flat Shading.” This feature seems to increase the contrast of smooth / flat surfaces - as the name would suggest. Is there a way to combine this effect with the other lighting effects found in “3D View Lighting” found elsewhere in the software on the same image?

Yes, you are correct. Flat shading can be combined with “3D View Lighting” and “Color Scale” to produce a plethora of rendering effects. Hours of fun!

Thanks, Jim. I think I found the source of my problem. I did not click the check box in the upper right corner of the general settings after making the “Flat Shading” selection. Therefore the “Flat Shading” selection was discarded and as a result not available when I try to apply other lighting effects.