3D optical profilmetry of rgp rigid gas permeable lenses

Would the 3D optical profilmetry be able to measure the front and back base curves of a (rgp) rigid gas permeable lens?

And would the data obtained from a scan be able to produce a file that I can send to a cnc lens lathe to produce a clone of the lens that is being scanned?

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for reaching out and for taking an interest in the Filmetrics products.

To get a rough idea of what the Profilm3D is capable of I recommend that you explore the public gallery found here: Explore Our Gallery of Images - ProfilmOnline - Surface Imaging, Analysis, and Measurement Software for 3D Profilometers and AFMs

There are a few examples of lenses there. However, without knowing your dimensions it is hard to give a definitive answer to your question.

If you would like to speak with an applications expert, please reach out through the online webform found at the main Filmetrics site: Thin Film Thickness Measurement Systems by Filmetrics

Simply go to Sales and Support and select Get Information, and then one of our talented applications experts will reach out to you shortly.